Prostitute/Former Model Amanda Logue & Boyfriend Commit Murder, Robbery

James of SLE Photography, a friend and colleague of mine over at Model Insider, blogged about this piece of news I felt was fairly relevant on numerous fronts.  It involves prostitute/former model/porn personality Amanda Logue (a.k.a. Sunny Dae, a.k.a. Mandi Kaye) and her boyfriend, who worked together to murder and then rob a Florida man.  James’ blog entry, along with a slew of information is below (reposted with permission).  I’ve also linked a few other news stories after the repost of the blog, that weren’t available when James wrote his blog.  Please note that some of the links James provides may contain NSFW images and/or porn.

I was contacted today & notified that fairly well known model Amanda Logue, who did adult work under the name Sunny Dae, has been arrested in Georgia on charges of prostitution & murder, and is pending extradition to Florida.

For reasons unknown, Amanda took all her profiles down from Model Mayhem (, unfortunately MM blocks spiders so there’s no archive available), (a sort of Model Insider/MM/OMP site for porn work), OMP, and other sites a few months ago.  Her profile (cited in some news stories) is still up at, where it oddly says she won’t do porn, even tho she’s still listed on several adult company sites under her working name: for instance (both 18+).

UPDATE/EDIT: Amanda had new profiles up under the name “Mandi Kaye” and was actively soliciting work.  For example:

UPDATE/EDIT:  I missed it, she never removed her profile here:

One of the concerns often expressed in debates about escorts is the safety of the photographer, especially with the infamous “boyfriend escort.”  While Amanda was never militant about escorts & was willing to be reasonable in discussions about it and advocate things like checking references or taking another model, she often stated that her PREFERENCE, especially when traveling, was to take her boyfriend as her escort.  While this doesn’t play directly in to what happened here (since this was not a case of an escorted model booking with a photographer thru a site like this), it makes something she said on the topic once particularly ironic:

Its a simple solution…If the photographer does not allow your escort then move on there are others that will…If the photographer does allow a escort make sure you bring someone who knows how to conduct themselves in a professional manner…If your scared don’t bring someone for protection just don’t shoot…It does not matter if you have a escort if your scared you will still be uncomfortable and then the photographer will be uncomfortable also and the results will be less quality work…A escort such as a BF can be a ok experience if they allow the photographer to do his job and if the BF does not have the mind set that he is there for protection…A mature model that is serious about their work should have the intelligence to not bring a gang member or drug dealer or mofia or anyone that will interfere…Also references !!! both model and photographers should take a little time to check out who they will be working with…If they have a reputation of being unprofessional then that should be your first and biggest qlue not to shoot…

(Emphasis added.)

Altho Amanda had removed many of her profiles, she was still actively in touch with a number of models & photographers, including me and my girlfriend.  My girlfriend was scheduled to shoot with Amanda & Amanda’s boyfriend (with him operating the camera) at FetCon.

Apparently, according to that WeSelect profile & the news stories, Amanda’s been running a lingerie shop & hosting lingerie parties and offering herself for sex in addition to her modeling.  This must not have been bringing in enough money, as she scheduled a “sex party” with a Tampa area man and then proceeded, with her boyfriend’s assistance, to murder & rob the man.

As described in the story, she went in to “work” while her boyfriend waited outside.  While in the house, Amanda texted her boyfriend, including one text that said she wanted to have sex in the house AFTER they committed the murder, clearly showing it was planned.  She wore the man out with sex, then while she was giving him a massage her boyfriend came in (according to her), crushed the man’s head with a sledgehammer, then they stabbed him repeatedly before emptying his house of cash & valuables.

This is clearly a fairly rare case, JUST as rare as those of prostitutes who’re occasionally killed by guys who the media reports as being “photographers,” and certainly can’t reflect ALL models who demand escorts, or all boyfriend escorts, but it DOES show that the risk CAN exist for photographers.  Does that mean I think photographers should base their behaviors & choices on it?  No, of course not… because it’s EXCEEDINGLY RARE and outside the boundaries of normal interactions on sites like this.  That’s exactly what the point about this sort of thing on the other side of the coin has always been… it’s irrational to base broad assumptions or poor logic on isolated incidents.

Links to the news stories:

UPDATE: As more info has come to light about this case, it’s clear that this guy was NOT the bf/husband who so many of us in the community have met & known, and sometimes had present when Amanda was working, or at social events.  Turns out she was stepping out on her husband with this guy.  Friends of the family describe him as a “devil” who lured her in to a bunch of bad things. Also of interest is that the “sex party” was apparently videoed, with the police IDing her from the footage, which she left behind.  This makes me wonder about how the victim found her, as some adult models will offer “extra” services or try to skirt prostitution laws by saying that if it’s filmed it’s porn, not prostitution.  I’ll be curious to see how this all came about.  This also shows a major hole in references, since anyone asking about Amanda would have been told that she & her husband were great folks & perfectly safe when, in reality, she would have shown up with this guy and no one would have been the wiser.  This shows trhat even with references you need to keep your wits about you & take reasonabel safety precautions when meeting people.

As usual, Pat Yuen’s also on top of this:

James’ original blog can be viewed at:

More links:

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