fokusfoto (via the art of nude, and other things)

I thought this blog was worth sharing with my readers. It involves a photographer in the Washington DC area who has, for some time now, been scamming models out of money, and quite possibly putting them in danger other ways.

There was recently a post on MM by one model who was stranded in a hotel after being robbed of all her cash, and not paid as promised, leaving her with no money (and no CC, because she doesn’t have one) to pay for the hotel room, and no way to get home to her kids.

Edit: Saw this in the modelmayhem forums tonight, not sure if the thread will stay up or will be locked/hidden so I wanted to post the info here. WARNING…..PLEASE BEWARE OF JIM (FOKUSFOTO@GMAIL.COM) Also know as Jim Hines and Jay Hanes Pretends to work with a female photographer named Jami: Here are some links he may send you with “His Work” No … Read More

via the art of nude, and other things

ETA: London Andrews, a well known nude/glamour model, has also blogged about this guy.  Read her take here:

Update: There are photos of him posted here

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