Spotted Again!

After my wedding in June 2009, I shot a Vogue Bride set with Laura Ann Photography and Christin C. We fell in love with numerous shots from the set, but this particular one stuck out to us:

So Laura had Blue Cube Imaging print and mat a copy of that shot, which we brought over to the bridal shop I got my beautiful dress at, Doris Bridal in Highwood, IL.  As you can imagine, they loved it, and put it up behind the desk right away.  I went by a few weeks later with some of Laura’s and Christin’s business cards, and it was still up 🙂

So today, I was grabbing their address for someone, and decided to browse their website.  And what do I find on their About Us page?  ME!  In the shot they’ve taken to show off their space, you can see the print Laura and I delivered, prominently displayed.  Pretty cool!

2 Comments to “Spotted Again!”

  1. You are very talented, so it is no surprise to me that your images are popping up all over the place. The print of you is a beautiful picture. It is clear to me why they would want to feature it so prominently in their store.

    Btw. I love Blue Cube’s prints. I just started using them and I think they are fantastic.

  2. Thanks so much 🙂 I appreciate the complement! Also, glad to hear you’re working with Blue Cube. I just ordered a matted print from them and can’t wait to get it! When I do, I’ll post about it, ’cause it’s SUPER exciting! 🙂

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