UPDATE: Irma Sabanovic

It appears that Irma Sabanovic’s body has been found inside her car, which was pulled from the North Branch of the Chicago River on Saturday.  At this point, it has not been released that it is her body for sure in the car, but the car matches the description of hers, and the plates match hers.  The area of the river the car was pulled from makes sense with where she last texted a friend from as well.  It is not looking good.

The good news (if you can call it that, with the circumstances) is that there appears to be no foul play involved, and her death seems to have nothing to do with the fact that she was a model.  It seems to have simply been a case of misdirection.  Still, it saddens me to think of how scared she must have been, and how worried her friends and family were.  I truly wish this were not the outcome, and that, like a few of the other missing models I have posted about, this turned out to be a simple misunderstanding on someone’s part, and Irma was alive and well.

My thoughts are with Irma’s friends, family and colleagues during this difficult time, and I hope that they find peace soon.

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