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February 19, 2010

Chicago Modeling Agency Scam

Seems a couple modeling/talent agencies here in Chicago have been slapped with lawsuits by IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan.  Apparently Glamour Model Talent Inc. and Latte Model and Talent Agency LTD are deceiving their customers, by asking for a lot of money (some of it for stuff that shouldn’t be paid for in the first place) and failing to deliver.


Supermodel ambitions have led some folks to fork over lots of money to modeling agencies.

But Illinois Attorney Lisa Madigan says two Chicago modeling agencies – Glamour Model Talent Inc., and Latte Model and Talent agency LTD., – are deceiving their customers.

So she slapped each of them with lawsuits, Crain’s reports.

“These agencies have used exceedingly deceptive tactics to con consumers out of hard-earned cash without ever providing training that they promised to booking modeling jobs,” said Madigan in a press release.

Read the rest of the article here:

And here is some info on agencies, modeling conventions, and modeling school… heck, the whole site is a definite must read for new models:

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