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July 28, 2010

“Electrify Your Future” Fashion Show Video!

I walked in the 2010 “Electrify Your Future” fashion show, benefiting the Live Out Loud Charity.  Here’s a short video featuring some of the models from the first part of the show (I come in at about 5:17) 🙂

Click here to watch the video.

You can also see a bunch of photos on the Tirage Studio Facebook Page.

Thanks to all who came out to support the Live Out Loud Charity!  It was an incredible event!

June 18, 2010

Get The Look: A Breath of Fresh Air

I haven’t done this set in quite some time… largely because I’ve been busy with other stuff.  Bringin’ it back for kicks.

Look 9:
This shot is actually one of my 365 self-portraits, but I thought it would be a good one to do.  Here’s the shot…

Get The Look:
Pair a simple black A-line dress with T-strap high heels.  Though it is hard to see, I wore simple CZ studs and a multichain necklace.  For makeup, I did creme blush on the apples of my cheeks swept up to my temples, smudgy black liner, black mascara, and just a touch of a neutral shimmer (I didn’t use the dark side of the shadow duo).  It’s a pretty simple look that’s elegant without being over the top.  I had actually worn this outfit to work that day.

Check out the full 365 entry here:

April 21, 2010

Shoot Results: Ice Falls

A couple years ago a local photographer started shooting nudes at the frozen waterfalls at Starved Rock State Park in near-central Illinois.  One of the things that bugged nearly everyone who saw his shots was that the always had the models in boots of some kind.  His argument, when this was mentioned in critiques, was that a barefoot model would stick to the ice.

Enter local photographer Greg Kolack, who agreed with me that that wouldn’t be the case.  So we planned to shoot at the very same frozen falls, with me going barefoot.  I wouldn’t be nude, but we agreed that a black leotard, short tights and a flowy skirt would look great there.  Greg and I also agreed that instead of standing in front of the ice falls, I’d dance as well as interact with them however we saw fit once we got there.  We planned and planned, but for nearly 2 years we couldn’t get our schedules (and the weather) to cooperate.

Things finally worked out this past February, early in the month.  Because I’d had so much time to plan, I did a little research and found FootUndeez, which are lyrical dance “shoes” that slip over the ball of your foot and places a suede pad between your foot and the ground, providing a bit of extra traction.  They’re designed to not show much and not cover the entire foot.  I picked up a pair figuring the traction would be a good idea, that the tiny suede pad wouldn’t make much of a difference with the cold, and that worst case, there might be minor photoshopping to be done to remove some lines.

When the day finally rolled around to shoot, Greg and I met in Joliet and carpooled to Starved Rock from there.  It was a beautiful crisp sunny winter day with temperatures in, I believe, the 20’s with minimal wind, which was optimal.  I brought a blanket, hand warmers, heavy-duty winter boots, and wore lots of layers, because although it wasn’t super-cold out, we’d be hiking for quite some distance to get to certain falls.  Under everything I wore my leo and tights, so that changing would be (relatively) easy.

Anyway, we shot in two locations, with the first being slightly disappointing because the water wasn’t frozen enough to cross, meaning we weren’t able to get up close and personal with the specific falls, so we had to alter our idea slightly.  As anticipated, the FootUndeez didn’t make a difference when it came to the temperature, but definitely helped with traction on the ice.  Worth noting, however, that when I put my heels down on the ice, there was no danger of sticking to the ice at all.  Even at the second location where I went right from hiking to standing on ice, I wouldn’t have stuck if I was 100% barefoot (though I would definitely have slipped and fallen on my ass).

The second fall was 100% frozen up to the two columns of water though, which made us happy.  There was also significant ice at the base of one of the falls, where the column had broken and fell due to higher temperatures the week prior. The only downside to being able to get up close and personal with the falls was the fact that there was still running water on the inside of the columns, which managed to splash its way outside of them, making both the columns and the ice around them very wet.  Wet ice means not just slippery ice, but also higher temperatures.  When your hands and feet are dry, they react less to the cold and it’s easy to temporarily forget about it.  When they’re wet, it’s hard to do that because they get very cold very fast.  It’s also much easier to slip and fall if, say, you’re climbing around large ice formations, even with the extra traction from the suede pads (which most certainly lessened when the FootUndeez got wet).  Good news is, I wasn’t hurt when I fell (though I did have some wicked bruises), and the placement of where I was when I fell ended up working out haha!

After shooting, Greg took me to dinner where I had a few cups of coffee to warm up, fried pickles, and a grilled cheese sandwich.  Nommy!  Good news is, I left Starved Rock with all fingers and toes in tact, yay! 😉 In fact, I didn’t even go numb until the very last set, which was surprising given my suspected Raynaud’s Phenomenon.  The next day, I was sore as hell, both from the movements I was doing (despite stretching, though I think the cold affected things as well) and the fall I took.  But it was so worth it!

Anyway, here are some pics!  I’ve pulled the color ones, though I have nearly all of these shots in B&W as well.  There are more than this, but these 4 show off all of the various locations pretty well.  You can click all of the thumbnails to view the full web-size shots.  All of the below shots are copyright Greg Kolack.

The top right shot is location number one, where I danced at the top of an active fall.  There was a bit of bare rock there that was perfect, and the photographer shot from down below.

In the second shot (top left), I’m down near where the photographer shot the first set from.  The water there was frozen 100% solid (and 100% clear, which was neat) in some places, so I stood on that as well as on some of the rocks there.  In the shot above, I’m standing on the ice.  You can see where I was in the first shot in the background.

In the bottom right shot, I’m standing next to one of the two columns of ice.  You can see part of the incredible hollowed out rock at the base of the pool.  If you look close, you can also see my reflection, as the ice I’m standing on there is rather wet.

And in the bottom left shot, I’m actually sitting in part of the ice formations made as a result of a combination of the fallen ice and the new ice that froze when the temperatures dropped.  This is one of the shots that was taken after I slipped and fell in the formation itself (I was, at one point, standing in there).

All in all, I’m very pleased with the results, and plan on making up a few prints to hang in the house (once I make up my mind).  And yes, I’d do it again… in a heartbeat 🙂

If you’d like to see more of Greg’s work, check out his ModelInsider portfolio or his ModelMayhem portfolio.

April 14, 2010

Random Mini-Updates

Articles for Model Insider
So it looks like I’ll be writing some articles for at some point.  Both some new content, and converting some of my blogs into articles.  Neato! 🙂 Should be really awesome.  Articles I write for them, I’ll likely partially post here and link there, so ya’ll can read them… but I gotta see what the agreements are and whatnot.

Print at Bridal Shop
Took a print that Laura Ann made for the bridal shop I got my wedding dress at, Doris Bridal in Highwood, IL.  They were beyond thrilled to have the matted print, are looking at framing it, and will display it in their shop 🙂 Laura and Christin (the HS/MUA who rocked the shoot) will both send them business cards to have on hand as well.  Pretty sweet!  Here’s the shot:

Workshops Galore!
This weekend marks the start of what will hopefully be
a lengthy course of workshops through 2010 and beyond.  Not including, of course, the first modeling workshop from last year whenever… but yea.  I’ve partnered with Studio 2 Imaging in Lake Zurich to do workshops, and we’re starting out with Boudoir Bootcamp, which is designed to help photographers looking to get into the boudoir market make their clients look their absolute best.  The following weekend I’m working with photographer Jim Jurica to bring “Makeup for Photoshoots” to models and photographers interested in learning how to apply makeup specifically for shoots.  Both will be great, and at this point we’re planning on doing a second Boudoir Bootcamp, because space is limited at Studio 2 and there are a lot of interested folks.

If you’re interested in reading more about the workshops, getting updates on when we’re doing more, and even RSVPing to the “Makeup for Photoshoots” one (RSVPs are still open), check out the MeetUp group I’m an Organizer of, Chicago ‘Burbs Mayhem.

Long-Awaited Honeymoon
Looks like Hubby and I are finally going to get to take a honeymoon 🙂 Thanks to the generosity of both sets of our parents, we’ve got a flight to and from Hawaii and a week at a resort in Maui!  Wooo!  Keep an eye out for EDS sets based on that trip (I know, I’m behind)!

The 365 Portrait Project
Someone made mention of this project, which is essentially taking a portrait a day for a year.  I think I’m going to start this at some point soon.  Self-portraits.  Going to be fun methinks 🙂 I just gotta wait until… sometime not now. Our “little” camera is on the fritz, so I’m thinking of picking up a P&S for the honeymoon, as a surprise to Hubby.

March 10, 2010

Snip Snip?

I’m thinking maybe of cutting my hair short again. For me, it’s so much more versatile.  Not to mention that my hair’s so straight and fine, that once it gets past where it’s at now, there’s not much it will allow me to do to it, resulting in a ponytail or messy bun 6 days out of 7.

There were 2 cuts I had, that I really liked.  The first (L) is super short, and the second (R) has more length on top and in the front.  Observe:

Left: Christian G Carlson | Right: E2 Photography

I suppose right now my only options are to cut it like it was in the L shot, or stop getting my bangs trimmed and then cut it like it was in the R.  Hubs has let me know that he likes it shorter better than with bangs (currently, my hair’s pretty much the same as it is in my banner above).

Color of course, would likely stay the same as it is right now, because I dig this color.

What do you think I should do? VOTE!

March 1, 2010

Photoshoot: Supermutt

Trixie Dog and I shot this weekend, though not in the normal sense where we were both in front of the camera.  In fact, this time, she was modeling solo and I was behind the lens!  We were at Husband’s shop, the 3 of us, and he’d set up his “photo studio” to take some product shots.  I had him leave it up and borrowed the camera for a bit, bribed Dog with treats, and snapped like a maniac until I was too cold to shoot more.  It was fun!

Now, I can’t tell you any camera settings on any of these shots, haha, largely because I kept changing them while tooling around and because I wasn’t paying attention.  I can tell you, however, that the “photo studio” consists of 2 thin pieces of white formica-like material–one on the floor, one leaning against the wall–and 2 “softboxes”, created by mounting thin white fabric on large wooden frames (approximately 36″ square, give or take), with one shoplight behind each one.  It’s ghetto, but it works for what Husband needs, and is easy to move out of the way when not in use (and the shoplights double as, well, shoplights).

So, here are some of my favorite shots from the quick shoot (all in all, it was prob about 15 minutes of shooting, 10 minutes of bribing, and 25 minutes of laughing and having a good time) 🙂  Worth noting, for the sake of Dog’s vanity, that she’s in major need of visiting the groomer for a haircut, LOL!

So those are the best ones, I think… but of course, I’ve got a couple outtakes 😉  I’ll segway into them with what’s a cute shot, but funny because of the little sneery expression she’s got on her face.   RAWR!

Somehow, I managed to get 4 shots of her with her tongue sticking out, and one of her licking her face (remember… there was significant “don’t go sniff over there stay here” bribery going on).

And then there’s the “ok fine, I won’t sniff over there, I’ll sniff inyourface!” shot… or, if you prefer, the “check out my crazy toefur” shot 😉

And the escape (which also kinda shows a tiny bit of the setup)!

Hope you enjoyed… Trixie’s full of character, and is an absolutely delightful dog! We love her to pieces 🙂 In case you’re wondering, she’s a shelter mutt, and will be 5 in December.  We adopted her in July 2006, and I’d found her on 🙂

February 17, 2010

Shoot for Meow Kiki

While I was on vacation in Florida, I had the opportunity to work with Heather of Meow Kiki Street Wear. All in all, it was an amazing shoot and the pics came out incredible!  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves 😉  Here’s the whole story of the shoot, because it was craziness, followed by pics.

The call time was 11A for hair and makeup, at Heather’s place. From there, the plan was for all of us to head to a park where we’d start shooting, followed by a second set at a location not too far from Heather’s.  We were all geared up to meet at Heather’s and take as few cars as possible to the locations.  Heather had found me, the MUA and the photographer on MM, and the photographer recommended she contact this girl who manages a few models, L.  I’m not sure how the hair stylist came into play, but I do believe thru L as well.  So that was the plan for the day 🙂

I arrived a tad early, which was my plan being that I wasn’t familiar with the area and was getting dropped off by mom and grandma.  Shortly after that, the MUA, Alejandro arrived and started working his magic on my face.  He was super sweet and did a phenomenal job on my face–a very different look from anything else I’ve done before!  While I was getting my makeup done, the manager and other models started arriving, followed eventually by the hairstylist.  I was first up for hair as well, so Nicole Y (the hair stylist) started working on me.  She also busted out an incredibly different look for me, thanks largely to a weave!

Alejandro and NY went to work on the other 2 models, Fio and Nicole M, transforming them as well as they did me.  It took awhile, but they worked fast.  Especially Alejandro, who had to be in Miami for a fashion show that evening (which was going to be nuts with the Super Bowl going on there!).

At this point, there was still no photographer! Which was kind of ok being that we were all still getting made up.  But then the manager got a YIM on her phone.  From the photographer.  Apparently, she’d driven all the way from Boca, paid $5 in tolls, spent 2 hours trying to find Heather’s place (which, you’ll note, the Chicagoan found fairly easily), tried to call both Heather and the manager like 5 times, got fed up, and went home.  Yup.  The photographer flaked. And she never bothered to apologize for it, and instead came across as pretty rude about the whole thing.

Now, neither Heather’s phone nor the L’s had rang during this time.  In fact, at one point, Heather and the manager had both tried to call her, and there was no answer, followed by the phone going straight to voicemail.  When she was called out, the photographer claimed her phone died.  Alright.  Fine.  Heather, at this point, said, “screw it, I’ll use my point and shoot and we’ll do fine without her”.  The manager relayed the message via YIM.

Upon hearing that, the photographer started trying to get back in the game, and went from being rather rude, to sucking up to Heather.  Who had none of it.  We decided we’d just deal with Heather’s P&S and make the best of it.

Alejandro and NY finished their work on Fio and a NM, and the 3 of us got dressed. Then, we gathered all our stuff and headed to location 2, nixing location 1 because it was getting so late and we didn’t want to lose light.  Location 2 was an empty, overgrown lot next to a Chik-Fil-A, which gave us a place to park, and a short walk to and from the cars, which made it easy to change in them.

So we got there and started shooting. There were a lot of great spots to take places in this lot, which worked out really well 🙂 It also suited the various looks pretty well too, which was great!  Each of us models had 3 looks Heather wanted us to get done, though there were a couple extra outfits in case we had time or something didn’t fit right.  Additionally, things were going really smoothly–Chik-Fil-A wasn’t complaining that we were there, there were no interruptions from passersby, and despite the wind, our hair and makeup was looking amazing!  The location was working out well.

And then this Random Guy (who’s name I don’t remember) walks out of Chik-Fil-A, DSLR in hand.  “Are you guys doing a photo shoot?” he asks.  We confirmed, and he asked if he could join in!  We were more than happy to have him join in, and gave him a short version of the photographer flaking.  Turns out, he was recently transplanted in FL from MI, and typically shot weddings.  He was at Chik-Fil-A with some friends, who were cool with him doing his own thing.  He ended up shooting about half of the outfits with us (Heather still shot with her P&S).

Funny how things work out like that, right? We all had a great time, exchanged cards and info (though I didn’t grab Random Guy’s info, unfortunately, but he has my card), and wrapped up the shoot before the sun went down.  I shot in 3 outfits, and I think that’s about what the other girls shot in, which means we got everything we needed.   Can’t beat that!

And, because I know you’ve been waiting for it, here are some of my favorite pics of me from the shoot… you can see others, including more from the specific outfits in the Meow Kiki shop, which is linked below.  The model with me in the 3rd shot is Fio 🙂

So there you have it. The story of a shoot that could have gone terribly wrong, but worked out amazingly in the end 🙂  Definitely a team that made the best of a crappy situation!  And had fun to boot!

I do also have a video of part of the shoot on my cell, thanks to Nicole Y.  I just gotta figure out how to get it off my cell, being that it’s 7.74MB and too big to message off there 😦  Soon, hopefully!

And the all important credits!

  • Designs by Heather of Meow Kiki, of course 🙂  Shop her collection here: Meow-Kiki Etsy Shop
  • Makeup by Alejandro of A2 Artistry: WebsiteMM
  • Hair by Nicole Y: MM
  • Photography and editing by Heather.  Haven’t gotten anything from Random Guy yet.

January 20, 2010

Honored?! I AM!

A few days ago somone brought the “I Think I’m A Model” Ning group to my attention (and to the attention of many others).  I spent hours searching the site for a pic of me.  I was certain at least one shot would be there.  Not only are there a ton of… not-too-spectacular shots of me floating around the Web, but I don’t always do what one would call “glamorous” modeling work.

And yet, after scouring the whole site and seeing a bunch of folks I recognized… nothing.  I was honestly surprised.  And, oddly enough, disappointed.  Though I had mixed thoughts about how I’d feel if I had come across one of my pics there.

Today, a model who had a shot up there Tweeted about being glad the awful shots of her had been removed.  And they were pretty bad, but not because of her.  She’s fantastic, and it was pretty clear to me that the shots were the result of one of those paid gigs that models sometimes get that… don’t result in usable images for the model at all.  She posted a link to the ITIAM blog, which I clicked on and let load while I responded to her, noting my mixed thoughts about how I’d feel if there were a shot of me.

Thn I clicked over to the ITIAM tab.  And there IT was!

That’s right, not only did they post my Accordion Rockstar pic, but they must’ve heard I was looking for myself 😉 And I am honored!  The above shot is hilarious, and was one helluva fun shoot (despite the atrocious noises I was making come from the fully-functional accordion)!  It’s one of my favorite shots still, because of that 🙂  I’m glad someone else out there saw it and saw it fit to post on ITIAM (though I do know that it’s on iStock, and has been purchased a few times as well, haha!).

Check out the post here! 

The photographer who took the shot is Hallopino, who maintains his own blog here.  If you’re reading this, and were the one to submit that shot, feel free to drop me a comment (note if you don’t want me to approve it) here! 🙂

December 18, 2009

Get The Look: Playtime

Look 8: Playtime
Busting out a really old shot that’s still one of my favorites.  It always makes me smile!  I call this shot “Keepaway!”, and it was originally shot to submit to a calendar that was supposed to benefit an animal shelter in Georgia.  The project fell through, unfortunately, but we still got some way cute stuff out of it all 🙂  The dog in the shot is my beautiful supermutt, Trixie, who I’ve blogged about before.

Shoot Results:

The Look:

Get It:

Photo Credit: Carlos Alvarez

Please note that the above listed products were chosen by me without payment or endorsement requests from the sellers.

Look 5: Bright Tights
This look is a lot of fun 🙂 The shoot, which the photographer has called “Industrial Living Room” was taken at his workplace, and was just full of good times!  Krystyn, the MUA, rocked it.  I will only be noting what I’m wearing, and not picking up any of the other clothing items featured in the shoot.  For this shoot, we wanted bright but simple, and fashionable.

Shoot Results:

The Look:

Get It:

Photo Credit: Aldo Risolvo Photography, Krystyn J MUA

December 11, 2009

Get The Look: Red & Gold

Look 6: Red & Gold
This is an old shot, but still one I love.  The photographer was going for this film noir, Hollywood beauty, still-from-a-movie type shot, and it all worked out perfect!  We shot this at my apartment, in the long hallway on the top floor connecting the two halves of the building.  For the wardrobe, I wore a strapless, A-line dress I’d gotten for a very last minute sorority function, faux pearls, CZ studs, the gold heels I wore for my cousin’s wedding, and a vintage gold clutch I picked up at an estate sale for $2!  The MUA did wonders with my hair, gave me a perfectly clean face and simple eye, and popped my lips with a great orangey-red lipstick.  In person, the look was fantastic, but on camera, it was absolutely breathtaking!  Everything shot redder than we’d anticipated… even my hair!

Shoot Results:

The Look:

Get It:

Photo Credit: Jon Cancelino, Hair & Makeup by Suzanne Choe

Please note that the above listed products were chosen by me without payment or endorsement requests from the sellers.

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