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December 7, 2011


I’m on indefinite hiatus from modeling.

I’m most definitely not shooting until January, but am not sure when I’ll get in front of the camera again.  I’m crazy busy, and I’m waiting for a piercing to fully heal.

I will still be blogging over at Suburban Style Challenge and active on FaceBook.  Not sure if I’ll pick back up here regularly or not… I’ve been rather uninspired to write here lately, to be honest.

Oh, and I’m judging this awesome event with Raw Talent Clothing Co and Gonzo Photos on January 20.  You should check it out (I’ll post a separate entry about it later on).

Do you really want to shoot with me after the holidays? Well, money talks. My rates are $50/hour for modeling and $25/hour for pose coaching (which I’ll be available for after New Year’s).  Feel free to email me to set something up

December 11, 2009

Spreading Holiday Cheer

On the first night of Chanukah, I thought it would be fitting to share this holiday story, as well as plead for support for this family from my readers.

Back in October I got a comment on my “Handbras for Boobies” image on one of the modeling sites I’m on.  It was from a woman named Renee Klingler, and she told me that cancer was a cause near and dear to her heart.  When I checked out her portfolio, I found out why.  To keep it short, Renee is in a courageous, yet long-term battle with cancer.  Despite this, she continues to live life to its fullest, modeling as her condition permits, being a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society, and organizing other awareness projects.  To top it off, Renee has 5 beautiful daughters, ages 11, 7, and 5-year-old triplets.

Recently, Renee suffered a serious setback, which almost took her life.  With the huge medical bills continuing to pile up, additional child care expenses, and Renee’s being unable to work, things have become extremely difficult for the Klingler family.  And if anyone’s family deserves a happy holiday, it’s Renee’s.

Enter Lori Benoit and Rich of Gonzo Photos.

Lori, a photographer who’s worked with Renee, got with a friend and created the website, to help Renee’s daughters get the Christmas they deserve.  Visitors can find out more information, donate through PayPal, and find out how to send a gift direct.

Rich got wind of the situation and decided the website just wasn’t enough.  He wanted to create an event to get people to donate.  Rich got the partners at Studio MLP in Racine, WI to open their doors on Wednesday, December 16, 2009 for a group shoot charity event, benefitting Renee and her family–the “Creating a Christmas Miracle” group shoot.  The event is $50 for photographers, with 100% of that going to Renee and the girls.  It’s free for models, but models are encouraged to bring toys, clothes, or monetary donations to send to the family.  Participants will be there to shoot from 6P to 10P, with doors opening at 5P to set up.  Weather-permitting, I’ll likely be there around 7:30P.

Donate via PayPal to help Renee and her girls out this holiday season.  Click here.

Interested in attending the event in Racine?  Go here for more info.

Please, if you have even just a few pennies to spare, donate a little bit to help Renee’s family out.  Renee has requested that no gifts of money be given to the family, so everything sent will go towards gifts & goodies for the kids.  If you want to donate, but live too far away and/or choose not to use PayPal, you can send checks, giftcards, toys, clothing, or anything else for the girls to the following address:

Renee Klinger
c/o Lori Benoit
482 Timberlake Dr.
Lowell, IN 46356

Renee with her beautiful daughters, in a photo taken by Lori Benoit:

Check out Renee’s modeling portfolio at

Renee, I wish you many more happy holidays with your beautiful daughters.  May you see them grow into women as courageous, strong and beautiful as you are.  You are in my thoughts :hugs:

Readers, I wish you and your families a happy, healthy holiday season, and thank you for any support you send to Renee and her family.

November 13, 2009

Wish List Published!

It’s a bit out of charcter for me, but I know a lot of folks are having trouble scraping together cash for a full day (or even a half day) of rates.  So I’ve gone thru some of my favorite sites and pulled some of my favorites together for a holiday wish list (which I’ll probably be showing the hubby too, ’cause I know he’s always struggling for ideas).  I’ve made it a separate page so it’s easy to find, and if you’re interested in working with me, but can’t afford my rates, I’m very easily bribed with new shoes, a cute shirt, or any of the other various items. I’m still adding to it, so keep an eye out!

Here’s the link!

November 6, 2009

Lusting: Poncho & OTK Boots

Ponchos are coming back in style, and over-the-knee (OTK) boots are hot right now.  I love the idea of combining the two with a splash of metallic leggings, a cute bright crochet beret, and being stylish, comfy and cozy as the weather gets cooler.  Here’s how I’d do it:

otk-ponchoThe poncho, leggings and beret are all from Forever21, and the boots are from CutesyGirl.  The shirt is on the Forever21 website, but I have plenty of long sleeved black shirts.  The whole look, minus the shirt, is less than $70!

I’ve sworn off buying stuff though, so this look is just on my Chrismanukkah list 😦  Unless, of course, you’re looking to shoot with me and can’t afford my rates.  I’m always up for a little TFWardrobe! 😉 Wouldn’t this look be cute romping around in fallen leaves?

December 27, 2008

Happy (Late) Holidays

I hope everyone had great holidays!  Christmas-Chanukah (or, as we like to call it, “Jewmas”) brought us wonderful things.  I’ll get to that in a second.  But first… some updates

Chicagoland M&G… TONIGHT!
There’s a M&G event tonight at Mr. Beef & Pizza.  I’m expecting the turnout to be stellar!  I didn’t keep tabs on who’s said they’re coming, but from the looks of things, a lot of folks will be there.  There’s even a model who’s in town visiting who will be coming by!  Awesome.  It should be good.  Seems the monthly thing at the same place is working out very well, with a bigger turnout each and every time.

Shoot Results… Sorta
I was supposed to have a shoot Friday.  I was really excited for this shoot, as it was with an excellent photographer looking to commercialize his book a bit.   Perfect!  He’d arranged a MUA, our ideas were perfectly in line, and all was going to be great.

I got to the studio a little later than I planned.  The weather was bad overnight, resulting in some ice that had to be scraped off the car and carefully navigated around on some of the side streets (and the sidewalk), so it took a bit longer to get started than I had anticipated.  But I got there more or less on time.

The MUA, however, was a different story.  Long story short, she didn’t show.  Which was really disappointing, to say the least.  She was someone I’d worked with before, enjoyed working with, and once I found out she was the one who was booked, was excited to be working with again.  But it just didn’t work out.  She decided, for whatever reason, not to come to shoot with me, as the photographer had planned.  He ended up canceling with her altogether.

And I had opted to not bring my makeup with me.  So we didn’t shoot.

Instead, the photographer and I chatted, checked out a space in his building, chose a date to reschedule, and discussed perhaps setting up a group shoot at some point. I hung around for a couple hours.  Part of me would have preferred to just go back home, but I’d driven a little over an hour (and nearly 50 miles) to the shoot, and I really wasn’t looking forward to the drive home right away.

I’m bummed about not shooting though.  I was really looking forward to cleaning out my portfolio and getting some excellent commercial shots.  I’m also bummed (and yes, pretty darn irritated) about the deal with the MUA.  She’s someone I frequently recommended to others, someone I enjoyed working with, and someone I looked forward to working with numerous times again.  As you can imagine, I likely won’t be working with her again, and won’t be recommending her to many others most likely.  Sucks, but that’s what happens :shrug:

Happy Holidays
As I said before, the holidays brought us great things.  I got a Kitchen-Aid Mixmaster from my parents (as well as some baking pans, which are top-quality Calphanon).  I have yet to use any of them, but I know they will be great to use, hehe.  I’ve been lusting over a Mixmaster for some time, but especially over the past 6 months or so, since my ancient Oster Kitchen Center busted mid-recipe.

From my fiance’s family we got a Wii, which as you can imagine has so far been pretty fun 🙂  We bought Super Mario Bros. and Excitebike (yes, the original NES games) from the Wii store online and played them last night.  We have the Wii sports, which comes with the console, and another set of games that’s sort of like training for using the Wiimote… which I still surely need more work on LOL.  But it’s really fun, and I’m glad we have one now!  I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it more, as we get more games and stuff 🙂

From my fiance I got a Raymond Weil watch.  It’s beautiful, and nicer than any watch I’ve ever had.  It’s silver, with a mother of pearl face, little diamonds at the markers (except at 12, 3 and 9, where there’s roman numerals, and at 6 where there’s the date).  It’s absolutely lovely, and will look exquisite with my wedding dress 😀

We got a bunch of other stuff too.  Giftcards to food places (Chipolte, Outback, Starbucks), I got books, some clothes, and other stuff.  It was nice 🙂

We also finalized our bridal party, asking our neices and nephew to be flowergirls and the ringbearer.  Our neices were so excited.  It was super cute!  They’re 5, so for them it’s like the coolest thing ever.  They got flower girl dresses for their American Girl dolls too, so they were in heaven LOL.  Our nephew, who’s 7, has informed us that he’ll let us know, haha!  I think he’s excited too… provided he doesn’t have something else going on that day 😉 LOL!

All in all, things were nice this holiday season.  As they always are 🙂

Off to take the dog out, get ready, and run some errands before the M&G.

October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Don’t eat too much candy, be safe, and don’t drink and drive.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, fun, safe Halloween 🙂

Edit: Ok, here’s a pic of me in costume today at work! Yar!

Oh, and my pants were a success! They’re awesome!

October 30, 2008

Halloweenie. Ha, I said “weenie”.

Tomorrow we’re having a costume contest at work. I’m going to be a pirate. Not a sexy pirate though. The plan is to look like I stepped off the set of Pirates of the Carribean. If you’re lucky, I’ll share pictures.

I’ve worn the costume before, for 4 years actually, and have been making minor changes every year. This year, I need to make pants. Seems that in my drunkenness having fun at last year’s party, they disappeared. I never got them back, which is sad. But I found a similar fabric and will sewing a new pair. Without a pattern. Should be scary frustrating a disaster interesting. I might end up just wearing black leggings instead of cool crushed burgundy velvet gaucho-like pants.

Anyway, after making my new pants tonight I’m going to play around with hair and makeup. The excellent news is that modeling has made me more proficient with both, so they should end up pretty kickass. Of course, we’ll see if I want to get up an extra hour in advance to do them in the morning.

So, what’s everyone else dressing up as tomorrow? 🙂

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