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February 10, 2009

The Mutt: Results

We got our DNA test results back. Before I get to the results, let me explain the levels of matching.  There’s 5 levels.  A level 1 means there’s over 75% of the specific breed’s DNA in the dog.  Level 2 means there’s between 34 and 74% of the DNA in the dog.  Level 3, 20 to 36%.  Level 4, 10 to 19%.  And level 5, less than 10% of the dog’s DNA.  They can’t give you any more info other than that, and list breeds in alphabetical order.

Now, a little info about the little one. Aside from the picture (below), she’s about 30lbs and built pretty solidly. She certainly doesn’t look 30lbs.  She has a mohawk, and crazy toe fur.  She’s about 16″ high at the shoulder, and she’s just a darn pretty little thing:


Anyway, she’s got 3 Level 3 matches, and 2 Level 4’s.  No Level 1’s or Level 2’s.  She’s definitely not an American Eskimo-Shiba Inu mix, like I’d thought.  Shockingly.

Her Level 3 matches:

Airedale Terrier

Chow Chow


Wait wait.  Don’t laugh yet!

Her Level 4 matches:

Border Collie

Italian Greyhound

Ok, now you can laugh!

So that’s what our little petri-dish mutt is. According to DNA at least.  She definitely has some of the traits of those breeds.  I definitely see terrier (the Airdale, I guess) in some of her mannerisms, and she’s got the Border Collie smarts.  She’s independent, but eager to please, and friendly, but we think she’d be protective if need be.  So I think, somehow, it’s a correct assessment.  There might be something else in her, that the test wasn’t able to pick up on (a breed they don’t have ID’d yet), but that’s what we’ve got.  And we love her to bits no matter what she is!

I’m working on coming up with a clever-sounding, stupidly ridiculous name of some sort.  Like “Goldendoodle” or “Yorkiepoo” or one of those retarded-sounding “designer dog” names. Airechowaraner Borderhound, perhaps?

(Newsflash for those who don’t know… those silly sounding “breeds” that pet stores advertise as the latest and greatest?  They’re not breeds, there’s no breeding standards for those dogs, no guarentees as to what you’ll get, and they’re just as mutty as my little dog.  Certainly not worth the $2,000+ some pet stores charge, when you can go to your local shelter and pick one up for a fraction of the price.)

It’ll certainly be interesting when I bring her certificate into the vet with her annual checkup this summer 🙂

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January 4, 2009

What is that puppy in the window?

So we did it.  We bought a dog DNA test kit.

For those who don’t know, my fiance and I adopted a mutt back in July 2005.  She’s around 4 years old now, is the cutest, sweetest, most well-behaved dog, and we have no idea what in the world she is.  And as much fun as playing “what’s Trixie” is, we’ve decided it would be nice to know for sure.

So, after a bit of research and searching online, I found one on Amazon, which was awesome because I had a $25 giftcard to Amazon 🙂  So we got it!

We bought, after checking the manufacturer’s website to make sure our suspected breeds were all on the list, the BioPet DNA Breed Test Kit.  And with my giftcard and free shipping, it was just over $27.  Not too bad.  It should ship January 8th, which is this upcoming Thursday.  So we will hopefully know what our little pooch is by February… which will be great because hopefully that will answer some questions I’ve got about her health (present issues and future ones alike), and her personality.

Here’s her picture:

What a face, huh? 🙂  You can’t really see her body or anything there, but she’s got normal dog legs (not short ones like a Corgi, which is what a lot of people guess she is) and is built very solidly.  She’s only about 20″ or so at the shoulder, but weighs about 30lbs, despite looking like she’d be a lot lighter.

My guess is that she’s American Eskimo and Shiba Inu.  Here are pics of the two breeds:


From my research, the American Eskimo does come in a bone color, which is a creamy color, and the Shiba Inu has a variety of colors, a couple of which are similar to the colors and markings Trixie has (no mohawk though LOL).  And as you can see, the face of the Eskie and Trixie’s face are nearly identical.  Both dogs are similar in size to her, and Shibas yodel, which Trixie does as well.  The other suspect breeds are the Pomeranian and the Papillon, but they are both small dogs, and the Pap’s markings and colors aren’t anything like those Trixie has.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what results, if any we get once it’s all said and done.  I’ll update 🙂

The above photos of the American Eskimo and Shiba Inu courtesy of

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