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July 17, 2012

When Good Events Go Bad

As a model, I’ve been at the hands of poor event planning numerous times, from group shoots to fashion shows to other events.  Numerous times “the event of the year” ends up being an empty room full of people I had to beg to attend, or something just as disappointing.  In fact, other people’s poor planning and the chaos and stress that results from it is a large part of the reason I’ve decided to step away from being in front of the camera for good (more on that in another post, I promise).

Roger Talley, a good friend of mine, will be investigating what seems to be the result of poor planning (at the very least) and the downfall of Las Vegas Fashion Week.  It seems the event coordinator Jenn Nichols Strom dropped the ball somehow, somewhere, and the event went from being “a 6-7 day International Fashion showcase event featuring the collections of local, national and International Designers and students” at a huge venue, to ending up a show of about 10 designers with no more than 40 people in attendance, not even filling up the ballroom it was in.

For the beginning of the story, click here, and keep an eye out for the rest of it, as Roger investigates what went wrong and why.

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