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May 4, 2010

My Everyday Style 20

I know, I’ve been lacking on this series.  Good news is, I’ve got a ton of outfits to publish thanks to Polyvore 🙂

For those who aren’t aware, hubby and I are finally taking a honeymoon.  Good news is, we are managing to do so within the first year of our marriage!  Woot!  Anyway, I’ve been using Polyvore to help me plan outfits to bring 😉  So this blog will be a little different (as well the ones following it), because instead of linking to each individual item, I’m going to link you direct to my Polyvore set, which makes it easier for you to shop!

Look 20: Laid Back Linen
I found a great pair of white linen pants at Discovery Clothing last week, and was inspired by them to make this set.  Since I’m not one to wear all white, I broke it up with a black tank and a denim jacket (in case it’s chilly), as well as a Liberty of London clutch from Target, and this super cute Eugina Kim for Target fedora (for some extra pops of color).  I snagged these great white wedges from Cutesygirl (where else, right?) and thought the sea horse necklace was a cute nautical touch.  I figure coral nails will really pop against all the neutrals and hints of blues and greens.  I figure this outfit will be perfect for a casual night out, or a day strolling around one of the towns 🙂

Get The Look: Shop using Polyvore!  Click here to find out where to get the items featured above.

The above items were chosen by me with no pay or endorsement requests from the stores, and I have no affiliation with Polyvore.

April 14, 2010

Random Mini-Updates

Articles for Model Insider
So it looks like I’ll be writing some articles for at some point.  Both some new content, and converting some of my blogs into articles.  Neato! 🙂 Should be really awesome.  Articles I write for them, I’ll likely partially post here and link there, so ya’ll can read them… but I gotta see what the agreements are and whatnot.

Print at Bridal Shop
Took a print that Laura Ann made for the bridal shop I got my wedding dress at, Doris Bridal in Highwood, IL.  They were beyond thrilled to have the matted print, are looking at framing it, and will display it in their shop 🙂 Laura and Christin (the HS/MUA who rocked the shoot) will both send them business cards to have on hand as well.  Pretty sweet!  Here’s the shot:

Workshops Galore!
This weekend marks the start of what will hopefully be
a lengthy course of workshops through 2010 and beyond.  Not including, of course, the first modeling workshop from last year whenever… but yea.  I’ve partnered with Studio 2 Imaging in Lake Zurich to do workshops, and we’re starting out with Boudoir Bootcamp, which is designed to help photographers looking to get into the boudoir market make their clients look their absolute best.  The following weekend I’m working with photographer Jim Jurica to bring “Makeup for Photoshoots” to models and photographers interested in learning how to apply makeup specifically for shoots.  Both will be great, and at this point we’re planning on doing a second Boudoir Bootcamp, because space is limited at Studio 2 and there are a lot of interested folks.

If you’re interested in reading more about the workshops, getting updates on when we’re doing more, and even RSVPing to the “Makeup for Photoshoots” one (RSVPs are still open), check out the MeetUp group I’m an Organizer of, Chicago ‘Burbs Mayhem.

Long-Awaited Honeymoon
Looks like Hubby and I are finally going to get to take a honeymoon 🙂 Thanks to the generosity of both sets of our parents, we’ve got a flight to and from Hawaii and a week at a resort in Maui!  Wooo!  Keep an eye out for EDS sets based on that trip (I know, I’m behind)!

The 365 Portrait Project
Someone made mention of this project, which is essentially taking a portrait a day for a year.  I think I’m going to start this at some point soon.  Self-portraits.  Going to be fun methinks 🙂 I just gotta wait until… sometime not now. Our “little” camera is on the fritz, so I’m thinking of picking up a P&S for the honeymoon, as a surprise to Hubby.

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