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December 11, 2009

Spreading Holiday Cheer

On the first night of Chanukah, I thought it would be fitting to share this holiday story, as well as plead for support for this family from my readers.

Back in October I got a comment on my “Handbras for Boobies” image on one of the modeling sites I’m on.  It was from a woman named Renee Klingler, and she told me that cancer was a cause near and dear to her heart.  When I checked out her portfolio, I found out why.  To keep it short, Renee is in a courageous, yet long-term battle with cancer.  Despite this, she continues to live life to its fullest, modeling as her condition permits, being a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society, and organizing other awareness projects.  To top it off, Renee has 5 beautiful daughters, ages 11, 7, and 5-year-old triplets.

Recently, Renee suffered a serious setback, which almost took her life.  With the huge medical bills continuing to pile up, additional child care expenses, and Renee’s being unable to work, things have become extremely difficult for the Klingler family.  And if anyone’s family deserves a happy holiday, it’s Renee’s.

Enter Lori Benoit and Rich of Gonzo Photos.

Lori, a photographer who’s worked with Renee, got with a friend and created the website, to help Renee’s daughters get the Christmas they deserve.  Visitors can find out more information, donate through PayPal, and find out how to send a gift direct.

Rich got wind of the situation and decided the website just wasn’t enough.  He wanted to create an event to get people to donate.  Rich got the partners at Studio MLP in Racine, WI to open their doors on Wednesday, December 16, 2009 for a group shoot charity event, benefitting Renee and her family–the “Creating a Christmas Miracle” group shoot.  The event is $50 for photographers, with 100% of that going to Renee and the girls.  It’s free for models, but models are encouraged to bring toys, clothes, or monetary donations to send to the family.  Participants will be there to shoot from 6P to 10P, with doors opening at 5P to set up.  Weather-permitting, I’ll likely be there around 7:30P.

Donate via PayPal to help Renee and her girls out this holiday season.  Click here.

Interested in attending the event in Racine?  Go here for more info.

Please, if you have even just a few pennies to spare, donate a little bit to help Renee’s family out.  Renee has requested that no gifts of money be given to the family, so everything sent will go towards gifts & goodies for the kids.  If you want to donate, but live too far away and/or choose not to use PayPal, you can send checks, giftcards, toys, clothing, or anything else for the girls to the following address:

Renee Klinger
c/o Lori Benoit
482 Timberlake Dr.
Lowell, IN 46356

Renee with her beautiful daughters, in a photo taken by Lori Benoit:

Check out Renee’s modeling portfolio at

Renee, I wish you many more happy holidays with your beautiful daughters.  May you see them grow into women as courageous, strong and beautiful as you are.  You are in my thoughts :hugs:

Readers, I wish you and your families a happy, healthy holiday season, and thank you for any support you send to Renee and her family.

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