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December 30, 2011

Real Runway Shows Don’t Require You To Sell Tickets

Model Paige Morgan wrote a nifty Facebook note about why you shouldn’t pay to be in a runway show.  Her thoughts on it, in my opinion, are spot on.  Here’s a excerpt:

Anything that requires you to sell tickets to walk runway is not a good look for a serious portfolio. Here’s why:

1. They have no standards, by and large, because they’re looking for anyone whom will make them money and sell the tickets, not the most qualified models for the task at hand.

2. Any event that’s using anyone whom agrees to model/sell tickets most likely not going to attract the sort of people whom make good connections or networking possibilities for future work, as most of the people are not qualified/experienced potential models, so the working professional photographers/MUA/Stylists are not going to attend. (Aside from whomever the event promoters hired to be there for the purpose of the show running at all)

 3. If the company/ event will give you such great “exposure” or contacts, why would they need models to hawk seats to cover their production costs? Why do you have to pay for the supposed benefits via ticket sales? The short answer is they are probably making empty promises about what they are able to do for you. They can’t even make their own events break even without using models as unpaid sales/promotional labor, let alone promote you effectively.

4. Let’s say you didn’t notice points 1, 2 and 3. You sell the tickets, walk the show, and list it as a credit on your resume, along with your new flyer/press kit/whatever the fuck.

It won’t matter to your next potential client, as you didn’t get there by being the best possible choice for the job. You bought and paid for your catwalk turn, which anyone with a spare 20 friends and some available cash could’ve done.  Take the $200 you would’ve forced your loved ones to spend and/or paid out of pocket and put it toward things that will actually benefit you and your career.

And here’s a link to the full note.

I highly suggest reading what Paige has to say about companies like Raw:Artists, FUZE IT WORLDWIDE, and Icon, who require models to, essentially, pay to walk in their shows.  Especially read her note if you’ve been contacted by one of these companies (or one asking similarly of you) and accepted into one of their shows.

February 19, 2010

Chicago Modeling Agency Scam

Seems a couple modeling/talent agencies here in Chicago have been slapped with lawsuits by IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan.  Apparently Glamour Model Talent Inc. and Latte Model and Talent Agency LTD are deceiving their customers, by asking for a lot of money (some of it for stuff that shouldn’t be paid for in the first place) and failing to deliver.


Supermodel ambitions have led some folks to fork over lots of money to modeling agencies.

But Illinois Attorney Lisa Madigan says two Chicago modeling agencies – Glamour Model Talent Inc., and Latte Model and Talent agency LTD., – are deceiving their customers.

So she slapped each of them with lawsuits, Crain’s reports.

“These agencies have used exceedingly deceptive tactics to con consumers out of hard-earned cash without ever providing training that they promised to booking modeling jobs,” said Madigan in a press release.

Read the rest of the article here:

And here is some info on agencies, modeling conventions, and modeling school… heck, the whole site is a definite must read for new models:

September 26, 2008

Yes, genius, it’s a scam!

Model scams are all the rage. Nearly everyone who joins one of the numerous modeling websites (like Model Mayhem) gets a scam email that’s riddled with horrid grammar and spelling mistakes, but promises big money and fame… if you just deposit their $5000 check and sent $2000 of it to someone else. And without even reading those emails, I can confidently tell you: Yes, genius, it’s a scam.

It’s not that hard to find that out either. All it takes is about 10 minutes of research on a site like Model Mayhem, possibly less on Google. Mayhem has a great forum community, and in that community are some phenomenal resources, including threads that are stickied at the top, with vital information.

In Model Matters, this thread is stickied, and in that thread (which is one short post long) is THIS ONE, which is literally a guide on scams.

And then there’s the wonderful (which gives great info on the famous Nigerian Scam) is linked right at the beginning of The List of Lists. Questions Already Answered (which is stickied on top of General Mayhem).

Searching “scam” in “Model Matters” on the Plastic Puppet search brings up 9 pages of results–that’s JUST for Model Matters, not all of MM! Searching “scam” on the MM Google search brings up 5 pages. (Those searches were done Sept 17, 2008.)

And let’s not forget Roger’s thread, which does get buried in Model Matters, but it’s a great resource.

The info is there and fairly easy to find, with a minimal amount of effort. The MM forums are even available publically, so even someone without an account there can view them. Often, the more seasoned forum goers (myself included) get snarky because EVERY DAY someone doesn’t bother to do a search, and posts “is this a scam?”, sometimes even when there’s an active scam thread on the first page or two of the General, N00b or Model forums. While I’m writing this, there are 4 active scam threads in Model Martters. Insane.

It took me 10 minutes to find everything I’ve linked here (and it only took that long because I’m multi-tasking at work and eating breakfast at the same time).

And if you get a scam email, don’t respond! It shows that your email address is a valid one, and could result in your email getting sold to other scammers and spammers. Which means you will just get more bullshit in you inbox.

Protect yourself from scammers. If you have a profile on one of the numerous modeling sites, don’t list your email address! Scammers scour those sites for email addresses, and send bulk messages out in hopes they’ll net one sucker.

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