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July 20, 2011

Upcoming Event: A Sneak Preview of “The White Collection – LUXE”

I have the honor of modeling for bridal designer Atha Sharod in the Atha & Friends Present A Sneak Preview of “The White Collection – LUXE” event coming up on Sunday, August 7.  

Brides who attend the event will get a sneak preview of Atha Sharod’s The White Collection – LUXE, which features beautiful couture bridal gowns and honeymoon negligees.  Atha Sharod’s stunning pieces are made from 100% silk and French imported laces, and are custom made for each bride to ensure a perfect fit.  In addition to getting a chance to see Atha Sharod’s beautiful White Collection – LUXE, event guests will have a chance to sample wedding cake, enjoy music, food, champagne, gift bags and most importantly, the beautiful wedding gowns.  They will also get to experience a live photo shoot by Wedding and Engagement Photographer, Tuan H. Bui.  The photos from the shoot will be used for the catalog and website that the company will use to promote the collection.  Robert Sharod, the designer, says “I created this collection as a tribute to the American woman. I wanted her to know that she could be independent and yet be feminine at the same time” when describing his collection.  Brides, this event is one that’s not to be missed!

This incredible, one-of-a-kind bridal event will take place Sunday, August 7 from 4P to 7P, and will be held at the Loft on Lake, located at 1366 West Lake, Chicago, IL.  Tickets are less than $25 and can be bought in advance here:  You can RSVP for the event on Facebook too… but be sure to buy your tickets in advance!

Check out this list of incredible preferred vendors for the event!

  • Wedding Planner: Charity & Gabriela with A La Moda Events
  • Photographer: Tuan H Bui
  • Videographer: Al with Elite Video Productions
  • Fashion Illustrator: Rosemary Fanti
  • Bouquet Preservationist: Loreen Hospodar
  • Make Up Artist: Tracy Ballog
  • Bridal Stylist: Susan from the Left Bank
  • Menu Tastings: Norman’s Bistro & Cedar’s Mediterranean
  • Wedding Cake & Bakery: Richard with Rueter’s Bakery
  • Dessert Tray Stylist: Lizabeth with Fancy Candies & Sweet Buffets
  • Vocalist: Karen Dade
  • Live Trio: The Bons Vivants

Brides, if you’re looking to make your wedding a classy, beautiful event, the Atha & Friends Present A Sneak Preview of “The White Collection – LUXE” event is THE place to go to find everything you’ll need to make your special day memorable.

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June 17, 2009


So yesterday (the 16th) I got a call at 5P from the jeweler I ordered my other half’s wedding band.  I placed an order there for his wedding band on June 5th, and was PROMISED it would be in my hands no later than June 16th, as the estimated delivery date was June 15th.  Yesterday.  I quadruple checked before I ordered, and was assured that yes, it would be in in time, and not to worry.  It worked out perfect considering we’re leaving for Indiana Thursday so we have time to get our marriage license and whatnot.

We opted to order from this particular jeweler because their price was just $44 (after tax), and we didn’t see a point in shopping around for a plain titanium band at such a low price.  When I ordered it, I paid in full because I could afford the full price all at once easily.

So Monday after work I went to pick it up, and it wasn’t in.  I was told it would probably be in today.  So when the chipper little voice on the other end of the phone told me she was calling from the jeweler, that’s what I figured.

Boy was I wrong!

Now it won’t be in until the 30th.  Ten days after the wedding!  And they waited until 5P 4 days before the wedding to tell me this.

Oh, but it’s ok!  Chippy talked to her manager and they can help me out!  I can purchase a plain white gold band for “just” $100, and can return it within 30 days (by which time the actual band I ordered “should be in”) for a full refund.  If, of course, they have the size I need in stock.  Gee thanks roll

It pisses me off that I was assured it would be in in time, and now it’s not only not going to be in, but in order for the original jeweler to have something for me I have to spend $100.

I immediately got a call into another jeweler, who’s going to check on it for me and let me know first thing if they can get it in time.  These guys let me know that if they can’t get it in time, they could probably work something out with what they have in stock, and give us “a loaner”, because the other’s half’s ring size is pretty standard.  I spent 4 hours calling 9 different jewelers, calling the other half’s best friend (who has some pull with a couple jewelers… neither of which can help me out unfortunately), going in to 3 more jewelers on the way home, even going to Wal-Mart, and searching online.  I also stopped at my fiance’s parents’ house, as there was a ring there I’d bought him about 5 years ago… but it’s not in great condition and isn’t something either of us wants in pictures.

That, and I don’t want the other half to have a loaner, because he’s got a race the next day… and if something happens to the loaner, we’re stuck paying for that too.  I don’t want either of us to have to worry about that.

It’s 5A now, and I’ve been up since about 20 after 4… something woke me up and I’m not sure what.

Anyway, Overstock had the band I needed in the style and size the other half needed.  Their price was $39.99.  I ordered it and paid $35 to overnight it to my parent’s house in MI (which is right over the IN border–wedding’s taking place in IN).  At the latest, we’ll have it Monday.  Tomorrow (er, today) I’m going to run to Sterling Works in the mall and see if they have something that’s at least close to what he wanted so we can have a nice ring in photos.  Worse case I return it unused, if the one I ordered from Overstock gets there in time.

I’m also going to call the original jeweler and demand a refund.  If I have to go into the store and do it, I will, but I’ll be nice for now and not make a scene.

And to think I wasn’t stressed, worried or nervous… and all I needed to do was pack, make sure I had everything together for the wedding, and make a schedule for hair/makeup for the girls on Saturday.  None of which got done, and now all of which is stressing me out.


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