About Rachel Jay

I am a retired hobbyist model who spent a little over six years getting in front of people’s cameras. This typically included everything from location scouting, finding inspiration, concepting, and styling photo shoots. I was often in charge of my own hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

Throughout the six years in front of the camera, I treated modeling like it was both a job and a hobby I had a love affair with, because to me, that’s what it was. I shot to have fun, but also to produce images that were perhaps beautiful, fun, thought-provoking, or emotional. I created some beautiful images I’m incredibly proud of and met people that I still consider some of my best friends today.

When I started modeling, there wasn’t much information out there for those who weren’t agency standard, and I certainly was not. My measurements and height weren’t right for that, I had a full-time job I needed to keep, and I was too old. So I dove in head first and learned a lot of lessons along the way. At some point, I started writing them down, in hopes that someone else could take what I learned and apply it, without having to go about it the hard way.

This blog is my legacy to the modeling world. Some of the info here might be outdated… things have changed quite a bit since I stepped away from the camera. But some of it may still be useful, so it resides here in hopes that that’s the case.

If you would like to view my Model Mayhem page, you may do so here.

7 Comments to “About Rachel Jay”

  1. love that you have affordable options for people to “get the look”! thank you 🙂

  2. Hey Rachel!
    Just a note to say hi from a local resident 🙂

  3. Local indeed 🙂 You’re not far from me at all! Hi back 🙂

  4. Just sayin’ Hi! I thought your articles are very helpful; I wish all my models are as prepared as you.


  5. Thanks for subscribing to the blog. I do hope you found it to be tongue-in-cheek and humorous. You have a great blog here and I like your writings. It would be nice if there were more of you and less of the female image of the GWC’s.
    Next time in Chicago, I will buy you a coffee – as long as you can meet at the 3rd Coast on Dearborn. I always situate at the old Clareridge Hotel, now the Hotel Indigo. Thanks

  6. Haha awesome, thanks! 😉

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